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OBS Resizer allows you to resize your scenes, nested scenes and their sources with one push of a button. 

This is extremely useful if you decide to switch to a different video resolution or you often create and share your scene collections with other people who  need them for a different resolution. 

If you've ever had to change all your pixel-size perfect scenes to another canvas size, you know how much of a hassle it was and how long it took you to get it all back to perfection. Not anymore, one button does it all! 

As a bonus, the extension should automatically resize your crop and move source filters, so you don't need to worry about manually redoing them! Please note there might be very minor adjustments needed in some cases. 

It comes with a premade deck where you need to change only two values - your scene name and the original width you're resizing it from. After that you can just press the button and let all the magic happen. 

Important note
Although the extension has been thoroughly tested, bugs sometimes happen! I strongly recommend duplicating your scene collection as a backup before using the extension. 

Special thanks goes to:

MisterK for migrating the extension to SAMMI. 

SteveLevesque, Djargic and Griddark for their continued support on Github.
MisterK, Ramsreef and Sebas for being great beta testers!

If you would like to support me in creating more extensions for LioranBoard, you can navigate to the Donate section.

DISCLAIMER: The extension is provided as is. The developer has no obligation to provide maintenance and support services or handle any bug reports.

Feel free to edit the extension for your own use. You may not distribute, sell or publish it without the author’s permission.


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