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Discord Relay is an extension for SAMMI capable of relaying messages between Twitch Chat and Discord.


  • Forwards all your Twitch Chat channel messages to your selected Discord channel
    • can select any Twitch channel to listen to
    • ability to ignore certain usernames, such as bots
    • display user profile pictures, badges and color names in the relayed messages
    • converts Twitch user mentions to Discord user mentions
    • converts Twitch emotes to Discord emotes
  • Forwards all Discord messages to your Twitch chat
    • can select any linked Twitch account in SAMMI to post the relayed messages to your Twitch chat
    • ability to ignore certain usernames, such as bots
    • can limit the bot to only listen to specific Discord channels
    • converts Discord user mentions to Twitch user mentions
    • empty Discord messages containing attachments relay the attachment URL instead
  • Discord channel triggers
    • All Discord messages can be also sent to your SAMMI, can set up triggers for message content (including wildcards) and Discord roles
  • Discord Direct Message Triggers
    • Can listen to all your Discord bot's Direct Messages and send them to your SAMMI as Discord DM triggers

You can find the full setup guide at SAMMI Website.

Special thanks goes to:
Wolbee for testing the extension.
All my amazing Patrons!

If you would like to support me in creating more extensions for SAMMI, you can become my Patron to get early free access to my extensions or make a Paypal donation.

DISCLAIMER: The extension is provided as is. The developer has no obligation to provide maintenance and support services or handle any bug reports.

Feel free to edit the extension for your own use. You may not distribute, sell or publish it without the author’s permission.


Get this project and 2 more for $8.00 USD
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works amazing!

Thank you sooo much!

Discord > twitch (almost instant)?

Twitch > discord (10-15 seconds) 

twitch isn’t live streaming yet, just running tests.

Any advice? 

There is some delay as there are restrictions on how many messages it can send. But it should be maybe 2-3 seconds, not 10, unless you’re sending lots of messages. That said, Discord has been behaving a bit odd lately, so it might just be delayed on their side.

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hey Christina 

Thanks for the quick reply!

Seems discord / twitch was having problems yesterday.

Much faster today! 

By any chance, do you have a similar software for a YouTube > discord relay?  :) 

Hey! Glad to hear it’s working now. Sorry, currently there are no plans to release a similar relay for YouTube. The reason is that there are rate limits for how many messages can be sent out in YouTube Chat and all SAMMI users share the quota, so relaying messages would not be a good idea and something I encourage in the first place. Hope that makes sense! :)

absolutely :) 

I’ll find another solution :) 

Awesome work by the way! 

Recently purchased the social bundle and have gotten great value out of looking at the code and just playing with it and the things I’ll be able to add to my stream, so thank you!

I’m having difficulty getting Discord triggers to work though. On the Settings page what am I supposed to put for the ‘Discord Server’ field? The name? The ID of the server? Leave it blank? Can’t seem to find this info anywhere, and I keep having it say there was a discord error, and it’s reconnecting. Also it does seem to relay messages, but, I can’t get any of the actual triggers to work.

Hi Pixie! You don’t have to fill out the Discord Server ID at all. That’s only used for emojis. If it’s erroring out, you might be giving it the wrong Discord Bot Token or Twitch Username. Make sure you follow this guide (especially the part regarding grabbing the bot token). https://sammi.solutions/extensions/social/discord-relay#pills-setup. Also, in your Open Relay button make sure you checked ‘Discord Trigger’. Hope that helps1

It helps! Thank you, everything’s working. I do see a lot of failures during

    async GetProfileImages(e) {
        await fetch(`https://api.twitch.tv/helix/users?login=${e}`, { headers: { "Client-ID": TWITCH_CLIENT_ID, Authorization: `Bearer ${DiscTwitchRelay.settings.oauthtoken}`, "Content-Type": "application/json" } })
            .then((e) => e.json())
            .then((e) => {
                e.data.forEach((e) => {
                    const t = e.profile_image_url || e.offline_image_url;
                    DiscTwitchRelay.chattersImgUrls[e.login] = t;
            .catch((e) => console.log(e));

but, everything does appear to be working now! I have had an amazing time reading through your code and learning how to interact with SAMMI in new ways and using it to play with things on my stream. Thank you! <3

Huh, weird! Maybe it wasn’t grabbing and passing the token to Twitch properly for some reason. Glad you were able to get it working though, and thank you as well!

So all the informational links here on the main page seem aok but I tried clicking on the documentation link ON the actual download page and it is broken :( There is just an extra 'a' after the .solutions part of the URL (so '.solutionsa/' instead of just '.solutions/')

Also, thank you for updating this for SAMMI as I picked it up a while ago <3


Thank you, fixed!

Won't the updated version come out for those who bought the first version?

Yes it will be available to download for free for those who purchased the previous version once it’s publicly released later next month.

Available now for SAMMI!

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Doesn't work, can't install it. LioranBoard wants a LB2 file and this one is a LBE, can't even get past step one of installation.

edit: might work fine for LioranBoard 1, but it's not available to download anywhere so i'll never know

Good afternoon. Please tell me, if I now purchase this version for the first leon, can I count on getting a free link for the second one?

100%! That’s how it works for all my migrated extensions. Once it’s fully released, you will be able to download it for free :)

Just wanted to drop a note and say thank you for this!!! Works like a charm :)

Happy to hear! :)