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This 3-in-1 extension for SAMMI is all you need for your Text-To-Speech needs!

It supports regular Web Speech API, Google API and Amazon Polly API for text synthesis. That's around 400 different voices and over 50 languages!

Web Speech API

Web Speech API is a completely free and unlimited API for TTS. It contains all voices supported by your Windows and works when running Bridge from within OBS in a dock (only for OBS 27.2 and higher).

Google Cloud Text-to-Speech

Google provides its own TTS service with around 300 voices and 50 languages.  

Google Cloud's free tier lets you use up to 4 million standard or 1 million neural characters per month for completely free. The free usage limit does not expire, but may be subject to change.  

See the up-to-date pricing details at the official Google site.
Google TTS requires a valid credit card to confirm your identity. 

Amazon Polly

Amazon provides a TTS service with around 66 different voices.  
You get a free tier for the first 12 months starting from your first request for speech.  
The free tier includes 5 million standard and 1 million free neural characters per month.

See the up-to-date pricing details at the official AWS site. 
Amazon TTS requires a valid credit card to confirm your identity. 

Playback Controls

You can play, pause, skip and control the volume of your TTS (some commands are not fully supported for the regular Web Speech API).

Voice Settings

You can change the pitch and speed for all TTS services.  
Amazon Polly offers soft and whispered voices.

Random Voice

For each service, you can choose the TTS voice to be completely random! That will make for some funny moments for your viewers for sure!

Automatic Queue

You can easily queue up all your TTS requests and they will be played one by one. This is fully automatic!  

Queue for Polly and Amazon TTS is combined, while Web Speech API has its own separate queue.

SSML Support

Google and Polly TTS voices support custom SSML queries. 

Interested in custom modifications for this extension? I offer commissioned work to adapt and personalize my extensions to your unique needs. For more information, reach out to me on Discord (christinna).

Special thanks goes to:

All my amazing Patrons!

If you would like to support me in creating more extensions for SAMMI, you can become my Patron to get early free access to my extensions or make a Paypal donation.

DISCLAIMER: The extension is provided as is. The developer has no obligation to provide maintenance and support services or handle any bug reports.

Feel free to edit the extension for your own use. You may not distribute, sell or publish it without the author’s permission.

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Get this project and 5 more for $20.00 USD
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is there a proper setup guide for this? I can't figure it out.

Hi, yes there is! Here’s the link: https://sammi.solutions/extensions/audio/tts-k#pills-setup :) If you need further assistance, you can always join our SAMMI Discord at https://discord.gg/dXez8Zh and ask in the Extension support channel.

Thanks for your help in discord!