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This Spotify extension for SAMMI allows you to display and fully control your Spotify playback directly from your Stream Deck.

Spotify is now compatible with both OBSWS 4.1 and OBSWS 5.0 (and OBS 28), requires SAMMI 2022.4.4 or newer. 

It comes with a full Spotify player for your Stream Deck, OBS overlay (including viewer song requests overlay), and it’s very easy to set up.

You can review the full setup guide here.

Premium Spotify account required

The extension requires Spotify premium account. Without a premium account, you can still display your currently playing track in your OBS overlay, but cannot control playback from within SAMMI.

Overlay for your stream

Display your current track in your OBS overlay and Stream Deck, updated automatically as you listen to Spotify.

Current track info
Send you current track’s name and Spotify link (and other info if you wish) to your chat with one press of a button.

Playback controls

  • Play and Pause
  • Next and Previous Track
  • Fast Forwards and Backwards
  • Mute and Unmute
  • Volume Sliders
  • Like and Unlike tracks
  • Toggle Shuffle

  • Display all your playlists and cycle through them, select one to listen to
  • Add a currently playing track to your selected playlist by pressing +
  • Remove a currently playing track from your playlist by pressing -
  • Create a new playlist

Search function
  • Search for tracks by their name and (optionally) their artist
  • Display search results, cycle through them and select one to start playing it

Song Requests
  • select a playlist to act as your song request playlist
  • allow your viewers request songs by their Spotify link, or just their name and (optionally) their artist
  • all requested tracks are added to your selected song request playlist and displayed in Stream Deck and your OBS overlay, updated automatically as you progress through them
  • ability to enable automatic switching to your SR playlist when a new song request comes in and switching back to your previous playlist after the last song request
  • ability to prevent viewers from adding duplicate tracks
  • customize your song request tracks overlay (such as maximum amount of displayed tracks or their order)
  • delete tracks in your song request playlist

Randomize it
  • Get a random track, album or playlist and start playing it

  • Get a link to lyrics of your currently playing track

Protected buttons

This extension’s basic version has most of its buttons protected. You still get fully functional extension and can freely modify or delete any buttons or commands, attach your own triggers etc. You cannot open any nested commands (these contain 'backend' commands that would be easy to break by non experienced users), copy the commands or copy the buttons themselves. 

If you wish to be able to fully modify the extension (only recommended for very advanced users), you can purchase the premium version instead, which has all its buttons unlocked!
I do not provide documentation or troubleshooting for any unlocked buttons and it's up to you to figure out their functionality. 

Special thanks goes to:
SteveLevesque, Djargic and Griddark for their continued support on Github.
Merl, Mill, William, Paul, deaffrasier, Venge, PapaBear, TTarantox, Rodrigo, Harvey,Alchemy_03, REVAMPEDDRDTH37, RhinoMonsterGC, JimmyPotato, Bryan, Michael Starr, Bongo1986, my amazing Patrons!

If you would like to support me in creating more extensions for SAMMI, you can navigate to the Donate section.

DISCLAIMER: The extension is provided as is. The developer has no obligation to provide maintenance and support services or handle any bug reports. 

Feel free to edit the extension for your own use. You may not distribute, sell or publish it without the author’s permission.

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AuthorChristina K
Tagsextension, lioranboard, obs, plugin, sammi, song-request, spotify, stream, streaming, twitch


Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

In order to download this extension you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $4.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Spotify.sef 2 MB
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Just make a video of you doing a fresh install on SAMMI/Lioranboard CE or Lioranboard 2 so people can see what it takes before buying it. I bought it foolishly thinking I would be able to drag something to a folder and it would send commands to spotify purely without any other work. This not the case and I wish I could have put the 5$ towards another project of yours instead. I dont want all the added scenes, filters and sources to my obs just to pause and play, skip and switch playlists. 

Hey Tony, thank you for the feedback. I understand this extension is a little bit more complicated to set up. Unfortunately because of how Spotify works in the first place it is not possible to make it drag and drop as you suggest. The set up page covers all the steps necessary though, and it takes less than 5 minutes to authorize it and get it running. IF you don’t wish to have a Spotify scene in your OBS, you can delete it together with the blue OBS button in your LioranBoard. I noticed there’s no link to the setup page in the Extension description, I’m going to add it so other users can review it before purchasing. Feel free to refund it and buy something else!

I've found a bug. If there is anyone in Twitch chat the one who writes !sr and then type "Æ" encountered an error making one can not make more songs requests

There seems to be a bug with special characters in LioranBoard/Spotify API. It’s advisable to use a Spotify link instead of a search query then, as I don’t know if it can be even solved.

Fantastic update! addressed all my issues with playlist automated switching! thanks for taking my feedback!

Thank you! Constructive feedback is always welcome! :)

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Hi Christina, I'm still using v1 but is there a way to disable !sr with a button click/mod command? 

Hey CelticMerlin, you can just use Block button command to completely disable the SR button.

So I wanted to change !sr to be available for followers. But I can't change this standard function? I actually could change it in LB1 version, but I can't find it in LB2. 


This option is not available in LB2 and was never available in LB1 either. You must manually check if the user is a follower. Cheers!

I think I found it. At the triggers it was flagged to be only used by mods. I just changed that and now it should also work for my regular followers. Have a nice weekend!


Unchecking ‘mod’ means it will work for all your viewers, not just followers. You too have a nice weekend!

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ok so i switched the trigger to the queue button so the player would function as it used to in LB1, but now, no matter what song is requested, it adds this song: 
to the queue and wont display anything in the song request queue text in OBS.

you have done amazing work here, but i don't need this complicated functionality added to the song request through playlists. i really just want it to put the !sr in the queue and display the title like it used to.
im not sure what i could be doing wrong as i only changed the trigger as you suggested to @DenStiveGudDK

also it stopped confirming the !sr in chat as well.


Please see here, inside the queue button you need to edit the id variable (use Pull Data command and populate the ID with the viewer’s request) and it will work just the same as in the old LB :)

Yea i get what your saying, i'm just not sure how to populate the ID with the viewer’s request.

I wish there was better documentation on this particular issue, as i know i'm not the only one who would prefer the player to be more like it was in LB1 (not that you dont have enough on your plate with ext. updates for LB2, so im not complaining, just wishing). as the new playlist implementation messes up playback and forces me to constantly switch playlist or be forced to have random playback after the que ends.

(1 edit) (+1)

Actually, I made very extensive documentation for LioranBoard 1 and 2 regarding Twitch triggers and populating variables.

But, now that I think about it, the whole button for displaying the current song requests would have to be completely reworked too. I do not want to do it for a few reasons:

  1. Spotify doesn’t have an endpoint to retrieve your current queue. The extension would have to remember every track you ever added and write to a file constantly in case LioranBoard crashes. You would also have to always add tracks only through the extension itself.

  2. If you already have tracks in your queue prior to using the extension in LioranBoard, there’s virtually no way for me to tell how many tracks are in there or what track is next. This means that if your viewer requests a new track, it will be added to the queue, but there’s no way for me to tell when it’s actually going to be played as I can’t see the queue itself.

  3. You can’t decide to stop playing SR requests for a while and return to them later or maybe in your next stream. Once you clear the queue, all requests are gone.

The old extension was very hacky and buggy at times, I honestly didn’t like that. I also asked several frequent users on what they’d prefer and their answer was a playlist.

What I could do though is to automatically switch to the last playlist you listened to once the last track in your SR playlist finishes. And if someone requests a new song, it would automatically switch back to your SR playlist.

Cheers! Christina

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i understand completely, thanks for taking the time to explain. your solution is not only an amazing fix, but i think its much better and very smart, yet somewhat simple. Cheers, id really look forward to this implementation when you can find the time!

and of course you are right there is extensive docs, i guess i actually was complaining that there wasn't more of a hand holding this is how you switch the buttons for the player, for that i apologies, its not necessary. i could have taken the time to review the LB2 documentation. thank you for all your amazing work.


I will try to implement it sometime this week - I can send you a testing version so you can let me know how it works for you :)

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Hi - First off, Thank you so much for your awesome job with this plugin

Is it possible to make it work like it did in the previous version which just puts them in a queue?

Or an option where when a song gets put in queue it is automaticly play the playlist after the current playing song, and when a song has been played it deletes it from the playlist

Just so it works a little like it did in the previous version

Hey, There’s Queue button that will just do that - put the song in the queue! You can modify it to your needs and use it instead of the SR button.

Thanks for the quick reply

I think that when using !sr in the twitch chat I want it to be queued

Totally doable. Just move the trigger to the queue button instead!

Is this extension wokring on lioranboard 2? Because the guide in the readme file says so, but I can't find a lb2 file.

Did you got it to work?

Sorry for the confusion, I did not see your comment until now! Spotify for LioranBoard 2 is currently still in beta and available for free to my Patrons, but will be coming out later for everyone else. Cheers!

Hi...the spotify scene was not automatically added to OBS...is there a way to add it manually?

There isn’t a way to add it manually. Please update OBS, OBSWS and LB, as this extension is using a newer OBSWS command that was not included in the older versions!

Love your work here! I can recommend everyone to use this for their LorianBoard. 

The only thing is that I wished I could easily set it up so only Subscribers can use the !sr command. Or that it is mentioned in the manual how to do this. 

Also a !sr help command would be useful. I just created a command for this in my own bot. But I think it would be nice if it would have a standard command that explains viewers how to use the command.

But nice work, and I will keep my eyes on your future projects ;)

(2 edits)


You can limit any of your Twitch chat triggers to subscribers/mods/vip/broadcasters only. That’s a basic LB functionality.

A lot users personalize the extension for their own needs, so I think having a !sr command might be a bit confusing. I’ll look into it when I release the updated version though. Thank you for your feedback!

Thank you for the reply! I will look in to it. Not very familiar yet with LB. So I'm very happy with the easy setup that you created. I can totally recommend others for buying and supporting your creation.

(2 edits)

Thank you for your kind words!

You can check out the documentation regarding Twitch triggers at https://christinna9031.github.io/LBDocumentation/faq.html#buttontriggers. Feel free to ask for help in our Discord server as well!