Christina K

Seamlessly connect with SAMMI, and interact with your decks and buttons. Tons of extra features!
Transcribe your speech with a simple push of a button in SAMMI.
Scan a folder and manipulate files with lots of useful features.
Get chat stats and summary for any Twitch VOD
Control and interact with Kick through SAMMI
SAMMI integration for ChatGPT
Let DALL-E generate images on your stream.
Retrieve and search through any Twitch VOD chat logs and save them to a file.
Control your Discord server straight from SAMMI
Extension for SAMMI which allows you to read and modify your Google Spreadsheets.
Twitter tool for SAMMI with useful features for streaming
Translate to and from any language directly in SAMMI
Send Triggers from IFTTT to your SAMMI
Turn text into a speech with 3 different providers
Allows you to dynamically set and delete as many timers as you want in SAMMI
Let your viewers interact with your stream by directly clicking on your live video overlay!
Patreon events delivered straight to your SAMMI
Lucky Wheel overlay for your OBS. Easily modify rewards and spin it from your Stream Deck!
Detect your current window and its state in SAMMI !
Turn any source into a puzzle for your viewers to solve!
This extension allows you convert various color formats to an OBS accepted color format.
SAMMI extension capable of relaying messages between Discord and Twitch and listening for Discord chat triggers
Very powerful extension to display and control Spotify playback.